2 Known Marijuana Stocks That Deserve More Attention From Investors

It seems as if marijuana stocks are starting to show signs of better trading. In the last 2 weeks, the cannabis sector as a whole has started to build more momentum. Now what brings a bit of concern to shareholders and investors is how long will this last. With no way of knowing for sure investors must use…

their best judgment. So like the many who were able to capitalize off of the small volatile upticks, this isn’t too much different. Meaning that since the first week of November this increase in trading has been more consistent. In the past 9 months, cannabis stocks have not shown the most consistency.

This has led to seeing some of the better marijuana stocks in the sector fall. Now, this isn’t all bad for those who have not been able to get in at good entry levels. So with this decline in trading, it gave an opportunity for some to find top marijuana stocks to buy. Which for some has already started to yield small gains before another dip has come. As for the last few weeks of trading, things have started to turn around for the sector.

Marijuana Stocks And Cannabis Reform In The USA

With the big push and promise of federal reform, many are adding as many pot stocks as they can to their portfolio as possible. As more progress comes from congress in regards to federal cannabis reform people of industry await the outcome. Beyond federal reform, the cannabis industry as a whole is still flourishing. The success outside of the market is causing more to look for ways to enter the industry. This is where investing in cannabis stocks can be a simple and cost-effective way in. Just make sure you do your due diligence prior to buying any pot stocks. Below are 2 marijuana stocks to watch this month that may continue to rise.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In 2021

  1. Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC:TCNNF)
  2. Ayr Wellness Inc. (OTC:AYRWF)

Trulieve Cannabis Corp.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. together with its subsidiaries operates as a medical cannabis company. The company cultivates and produces products in-house and distributes its products to Trulieve branded stores across the United States. In the company’s most recent news it announced the opening of West Virginia’s first medical cannabis dispensary. Trulieve Morgantown, located at 1397 Earl Core Road, will be the first dispensary in the state to sell medical cannabis. Trulieve will host a ribbon-cutting and open its doors to patients at the Morgantown dispensary on Friday, November 12.

The Company also plans to open its second retail location in Weston, located at 137 Staunton Drive, on Monday, November 15. Trulieve first announced plans to enter West Virginia in February 2021 after securing four dispensary permits from the state’s Office of Medical Cannabis. In July, The Company became the first MSO to commence cultivation in the state at its 100,000 square foot Huntington facility. As one of the top MSO in the industry Trulieve has been a dominant force in the cannabis industry. This has been shown through continued success and innovation as a leading marijuana company.

Words From The CEO Of Trulieve

“We’re thrilled to be first to market in West Virginia and to continue building the foundation for the West Virginia’s emerging medical cannabis market,” said Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers. “Our team is especially eager to leverage our first-mover advantage to bolster local economies by creating sustainable jobs and investing in marginalized communities. We look forward to serving West Virginia patients, who have been patiently waiting for this day to arrive, with an unparalleled retail experience and the high-quality medical cannabis products they can rely on for safe and effective relief.”

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Ayr Wellness Inc.

Ayr Wellness Inc. is a vertically-integrated cannabis multi-state operator, cultivates, extracts, manufactures, distributes, and retails cannabis products and branded cannabis packaged goods. The company’s cannabis and cannabis products include concentrates, edibles, and vaporizer products. It also provides administrative, consulting, and operations support services to licensed cannabis companies. In addition…


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