3 Food Stocks to Buy Instead of Beyond Meat

For the stock of Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND), seemingly on a one-way descent, its high of $186.83 on January 26, 2021, seems like a distant memory. The precipitous decline in the company’s stock price has reflected the alarming decline in its top line, which is more than the category average due to the inflation-led slowdown.

Founded in 2009 by its CEO Ethan Brown, BYND targeted meat eaters with plant-based products that replicate animal meat in look, feel, and taste. The company partnered with grocery and restaurant chains to increase the reach and visibility of its products.

In the interest of sustainability, which of the following options would you prefer?

  • Consuming regular quantities of plant-based meat
  • Consuming animal protein in moderation and on occasions

The hype surrounding the brand, further accentuated by big-name celebrity endorsements, helped the company’s stock make a strong market debut in 2019.

However, the company’s single-minded pursuit of growth and expansion through innovative offerings came in lieu of mounting debt and cost overruns.

Moreover, the company’s tendency to overpromise and underdeliver also didn’t help. As a result, the company had to switch its priority from growth at any cost to sustainable growth with healthy cash flows.

However, this attempt to scale down while moving forward has resulted in revenue decline, loss of market share to competitors, and a consequent slump in share price.

While BYND deals with its struggles and charts an arduous path to profitability, here are some alternative food stocks to consider.

Nestlé S.A. (NSRGY) is a global nutrition, health, and wellness company. The company’s segments include Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA); Americas (AMS); Asia, Oceania, and sub-Saharan Africa (AOA); Nestle Waters; Nestle Nutrition; and Other Businesses.

NSRGY’s offerings include…

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