3 Top Marijuana Stocks For This Weeks Watchlist

In recent trading marijuana stocks have been facing a fair amount of pullback. This is not all bad but if you have been investing in cannabis stocks over the last year this is raising more concern. The positive is being able to find top marijuana stocks to buy. Now the obvious downside is…

the sector once again having trouble with seeing better upward trading. So what are investors and shareholders to do as this uncertainly is still present? It seems that this new year started will great excitement.

Yet towards the end of the month, things are starting to see the same downward trend. Some cannabis stock investors feel that there has been sufficient growth and progress to where trading should be better. However, currently, this is not the case and the sector is seeing another decline. It seems that the consensus is many are buying the dips with the anticipation that some big run will ultimately take place. This big rise in trading is predicted to take place on the day Congress ends cannabis prohibition.

Looking back in 2021 any progressive news on the subject typically results in better trading for marijuana stocks. So this is where the idea comes from. Which as mentioned above is what those invested in cannabis stocks are waiting for. Now there are some who have been able to take profits from these volatile pops in trading.

Insight To Investing In Marijuana Stocks In 2022

Even though it’s been small gains it’s better than no profits at all. Due to this concern about the future of the cannabis industry over the last year, there have also been issues with sustaining momentum. Yet in 2022 there are many things that could happen that would help see sustained trading. Even in the event that federal reform fails to advance in 2022. This new year has a lot of potential to be big for the marijuana stocks and the overall industry. So with this remember to stay updated and current with the sector. This will give you a better insight to know what areas of the niche holds better investment value. The marijuana stocks below are some options to consider when looking to invest in legal cannabis.

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In 2022

  1. Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (OTC:PLNHF)
  2. Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTC:JUSHF)
  3. Verano Holdings Corp. (OTC:VRNOF)

Planet 13 Holdings Inc.

Planet 13 Holdings Inc. is an integrated cannabis company, that cultivates, produces, distributes, cannabis products. As well as markets cannabis and cannabis-infused products for medical and retail cannabis markets in Nevada. In recent developments, the company announced the acquisition of Next Green Wave Holdings. This venture will be further expand the companies presence in California. This brings with it a premium indoor cultivation and extensive, pheno-hunted cultivar base.

This transaction is expected to be immediately accretive to 2021 and 2022 EBITDA. As well the transaction structure provides meaningful price protection against market volatility. Specifically with Planet 13’s share price up to the completion of the Transaction. As the company continues to grow more people are finding an interest in possibly investing in PLNHF stock.

Jushi Holdings Inc.

Jushi Holdings Inc. is a vertically integrated cannabis company, that engages in the cultivation, processing, retail, and distribution of medical and adult-use products. Over the last few months, Jushi has released important company updates. Back on December 14th, the company announced the opening of a new BEYOND / HELLO™ store in Pennsylvania.

With more locations popping up it will only add more value and possible revenue for the company. Which has the possibility to resonate well with how JUSHF stock performs. In more recent updates the company has announced a…


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