Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Stock Has Substantial Upside; Here’s Why

With its foot on the accelerator in these areas and others, it’s going to become increasingly apparent that it’s the bellwether or the cannabis sector, and it won’t be long before the market starts rewarding it for that…

Many in the market are looking at the wrong things

For now Canopy Growth has received a higher valuation than Aurora, primarily because it is operating in a manner the market understands. For example, accepting and receiving a large cash infusion from Constellation Brands, that is always waves in front of the market in its earnings report and press releases.

Since Aurora hasn’t been willing to give up a significant portion of the company in exchange for an investment by a huge suitor, the market has punished it for it when compared against Canopy Growth.

Another factor has been the hoopla surrounding Canopy Growth preparing to enter the U.S. market via Acreage Holdings once recreational pot is legalized at the federal level, which at best, won’t happen for many years.

In both of those cases many analysts and pundits compared Canopy against Aurora, concluding Canopy had made the best moves. After its surprising C$98-million loss in the first quarter, the market seems to be reconsidering the performance of Canopy Growth, even with the $4 billion or so on its balance sheet.

For Aurora, I consider it a wise move to not sell off a huge piece of itself in exchange for capital and board seats from a huge company, and also a good move to find a more opportune time and way to enter the U.S. market.

I don’t consider these a negative for Aurora, but the opposite: disciplined decisions and patience that as usual with the company, pays off in big dividends once it’s understood the strategy the company is employing.

Production capacity, revenue and positive EBITDA

No company comes close to Aurora Cannabis in production capacity, as it should be able to produce about 625,000 kilograms annually by early 2020, and of course its revenue will climb in conjunction with the increase.

What’s most impressive about this when measured against any of the top producers is Aurora will be easily the first company to become profitable in the sector. This is one of the major reasons billionaire Nelson Pelz had advised the company that it didn’t have any reason to seek out a major partner for the purpose of raising capital.

That doesn’t mean the company isn’t going to enter into some partnerships with large companies, only that…

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