Which sectors of the cannabis industry will see the most growth?

By now, you’ve heard the historic news that by the fall, recreational cannabis can be bought and sold in Canada.

In 2016 alone, Canadians spent an estimated $5.13 billion on black market marijuana.

Imagine all that money rolling into legal cannabis businesses.

It’s mind-blowing, and according to some estimates, 40% of legal marijuana in the world will be sold in Canada to Canadians by 2027.

Because of the massive profit opportunities that lay ahead, I wanted to ask marijuana industry leaders about the explosive growth coming to Canada’s cannabis sector. Specifically, I wanted them to break down which sectors of the industry will see the most growth.

This kind of insider information gives Money Morning readers an edge over the average retail investor, allowing you to identify the products and services that could generate millions and billions in sales.

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These Sectors Have the Brightest Futures in the Cannabis Market

From vaporizers to cannabis branding, industry experts believe these segments will dominate the cannabis space industry in the coming years.

“We definitely see one of the most important and dominant sub-markets of the cannabis space to be marketing and branding. Cannabis is fast-tracking itself to becoming a widely accepted mainstream industry, and like any other industry, it’s going to see companies succeed and fail based on how well they can brand and market themselves.” – Jason Santos, Chair and CEO for BurnTV, a digital lifestyle and entertainment platform embracing the legal cannabis industry.

“I believe that topicals, which are also derived from cannabis oil, are one of the fastest-growing segments and one of the first to cross over into mainstream retail opportunities. Additionally, consumer goods derived from cannabis oil, including vaporizers, which don’t have the stigma or the smell of ‘smoking pot.'” – Jennifer Miller, Communications Director for Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics, creator of the highest-quality, most effective topical cannabis solutions available.

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“With new consumers in the cannabis market ranging from soccer moms to medicinal users looking to not be dependent on pharmaceutical products, vaporizers which offer discretion and ease of use will absolutely be a major contender in the market. Not only do vaporizers offer a healthier alternative by eliminating combustion, but they allow the consumer to pinpoint the cannabinoids that they are trying to extract, therefore dialing in their feeling or medicinal ailment.” – Shauntel Ludwig, Vice President of Operations for DaVinci, a popular dry herb vaporizer company with a strong line of products.

“We see the future of cannabis moving toward more options as consumers learn more about the plant. The CBD market will grow rapidly as people realize that it can enhance health for aging elders, adults, and young people. The power of the terpenes to enhance the efficacy and the experience of cannabis products will become more important as consumers develop a palate for cannabis similar to our taste for the nuances of wine.” – Lex Pelger, Science Director for Bluebird Botanicals, a company focused on providing pure CBD wellness products nationwide.

“In the coming years, I anticipate a shift away from traditional plastic cartridges towards higher-end ceramics, this includes pods and other closed systems for use with concentrates. Newer mediums for consumers to use cannabis will also gain in popularity, such as inhalers and infused products. From an industry perspective, I expect advanced lab testing and standardization to become more commonplace and workflow automation equipment and software will dominate within the B2B sector.”  – Danny Davis, founder and CEO of Convectium, a branding, packaging, and equipment solutions company for the legal cannabis industry.

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