[CHART] Why We’re Doubling Down on Crude Oil

It’s no secret oil prices have taken a beating over the last two months. WTI crude oil plummeted 24% from $75 a barrel in October to $57 a barrel today.

Normally, a collapse like that would send oil investors into a panic. And sure, a few media personalities are acting hysterical.

But savvy investors, the people who really know their stuff, are ready to pounce.

They know crude oil prices are dropping thanks to politics and outright manipulation, not fundamentals. The United States and Saudi Arabia are playing a strategic game, with Saudi Arabia and OPEC boosting supply to weaken oil prices as a favor to U.S. President Donald Trump.

But the favor hasn’t been returned yet. CNBC reports President Trump “bamboozled” the Saudis into tanking oil prices because they expected strict sanctions on Iranian oil that have yet to materialize.

Of course, that’s sent short-term traders over the edge. Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors put it best.

“The leading cause of the plunge has been a combination of what I have called the ‘lemming fixation’ (a penchant for jumping off the cliff en masse) and some outright market manipulation.”

And we aren’t following the lemmings out of the oil market. In fact, when you see this chart, you’ll see exactly why we’re doubling down on American oil…

Oil Prices Fluctuate, but Demand Is Steadily Growing

Crude oil prices are always fluctuating in the short term, but we’re focused on the bigger picture.

As you know, making the right forecasts that go against the herd is the simplest way to make a fortune in any market.

And we’re seeing two major trends that are going to let us make money by running against the crowd.

First, the lemmings, as Kent calls them, have pushed oil prices way below what a barrel of black gold is truly worth.

“The market is now more oversold and undervalued than at any time I have witnessed in the last three decades,” Kent explains, according to his calculations.

That’s great news for us, but we aren’t trying to make a quick buck in the futures market. What we’re really looking for are long-term trends, trends that could fuel a price explosion and make us a killing.

And that’s exactly what we’ve found…

Second, demand for energy will send oil production surging over the next seven years.

The world is starving for energy, and demand is only growing.

It begins with the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) forecasting a 30% increase in global energy demand.

Imagine: About 99 million barrels of oil are needed each day. Stack another 30% on top of that, and you’re close to 130 million barrels of oil every day.

Frankly, Kent is concerned that major oil companies won’t be able to keep up.

According to the IEA, the world needs a $44 trillion investment in global energy supply to fill the coming energy needs. And you might be thinking renewable energy will get the bulk of the windfall. But think again.

The IEA projects 60% of the investment, or $26 trillion, will go to oil, gas, and coal, while just $8.8 trillion will go to renewables.

And by buying the companies crucial to meeting this rapidly growing oil demand is exactly how to make money in this market.

You just have to know where to look.

Fortunately, Kent has an ace in the hole.

He doesn’t start scrutinizing annual reports, stock charts, technical indicators, and all the other stuff every other investment “guru” does.

He just dives into his trusty rolodex and starts dialing the right people.

The people who actually know what could happen – and who’s going to benefit.

Today, we’d like to give you Kent’s three most urgent and potentially lucrative picks in energy investing.

These picks can be worth millions of dollars, and they could make ordinary Americans incredibly wealthy.

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