Florida May Legalize The Adult Use Of Cannabis In 2022

Marijuana advocates in Florida are taking action to put adult-use legalization before voters in 2022. This is being with the filing of a petition with the state. Which came after the prior version of this legislation was shot down by the state Supreme Court earlier this year. This proposal was…

granted the ability to acquire supporting signatures last week. This bill would permit those 21 and older to use and possess cannabis. As well an added measure to the bill is you can also cultivate up to nine plants for personal use. Although this initiative would not be approved for the sale of retail marijuana.

Regulate Florida is leading the campaign and doing so with a firm approach. The organization has emphasized that there is a small window to get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Activists must initially accumulate 222,898 authentic signatures. Which would be used to prompt a judicial and fiscal impact review. Next, they’ll need a total of 891,589 signatures to be on the ballot.

That first obstacle has created problems for advocates so far. Following the state attorney general’s office asking for a judicial review of the group’s prior legalization initiative. To which they also filed briefs opposing the petitions—the state Supreme Court rejected it, as well. Which was an independent reform proposal from an industry-backed campaign, because authorities thought the language misleading. The new initiative aims to circumvent the court’s particular disputes with the previous measures.

Pushing For The Adult Use Of Cannabis In Florida

A majority of justices determined that the ballot versions were “affirmatively misleading”. Mainly due to the adult-use cannabis being declared lawful in the state. Specifically without directly recognizing that it would stay prohibited under federal law. Regulate Florida has now come forth to show there is zero in its new initiative that “purports to give immunity under federal law.”

The group also eliminated language on “limited use” of marijuana that drove the court to deny its initial proposal earlier this year.

“Time is short, so we need you to send in your completed and signed a petition today!” the group said. “We can do this if we work together.”

If this proposal finds its way onto the ballot a minimum of 60 percent of Florida registered voters will need to approve it for it to be law. A recent census showed that 59 percent of the bulk of Florida voters stand behind…

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