Four Cannabis Stocks for the Summer of 2021

Cannabis stocks have staged a rousing return in recent weeks after a quiet first half of 2021. Sales are on the rise this year as revenue and profits for many cannabis companies have increased significantly. During the global COVID-19 pandemic medical marijuana was deemed “essential,” which definitely had an impact on increased sales. U.S. legal cannabis sales grew 46% year over year to $17 billion in 2020. The total U.S. economic impact from marijuana sales in 2021 is expected to…

reach $92 billion – up more than 30% from last year – and upwards of $160 billion in 2025, according to analysis from the newly published MJBizFactbook.

In addition to increased sales, the cannabis industry is benefitting from speculation around legalization, which is back on the government’s agenda with the reintroduction of the MORE Act. If lawmakers pass this legislation it will federally decriminalize cannabis. $1.65 trillion Amazon is supporting the MORE Act and recently announced it plans to relax internal cannabis testing for all positions not under regulation by the Department of Transportation. The third major factor creating interest in cannabis stocks is that the group of investors from Reddit developed a big appetite for them. These factors should kick the cannabis sector back into high gear. However, investors need to be selective and look for cannabis companies with growth and fundamentals.

Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY)Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTC: PHCG)Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON), and 22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE American: XXII) are four companies that could have major moves in front of them as investors add cannabis stocks to their portfolios.

Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY) is a global pioneer in cannabis research, cultivation, production and distribution. The Company is focused on producing high-quality cannabis and cannabis-derived products primarily for recreational adult-use globally. The big news on Tilray is that Reddit’s traders hope to drive its share price higher by forcing short-sellers to close their positions, which requires them to buy back the shares they shorted. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, High Park Holdings Ltd., Tilray offers a broad-based portfolio of brands and adult-use products.

Tilray currently supplies high-quality medical cannabis products to tens of thousands of patients in 17 countries spanning five continents through its subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Germany, Latin America and Portugal, and through agreements with established pharmaceutical distributors. Tilray also cultivates medical and adult-use cannabis in Canada and medical cannabis in Portugal. Analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald recently upgraded the stock after its merger with Aphria in May. As a result, Tilray has become one of the leaders in the cannabis industry following the merger, since the combined company has the largest global geographic footprint in the industry, low-cost production facilities, and a wealth of international growth opportunities. For more information on Tilray visit

Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTCQB: PHCG) is a cannabis play that has not garnered the attention of the main stream media yet. Pure Harvest Corporate Group has developed numerous high-quality cannabis and hemp derived retail brands and product lines that are currently available for purchase in select markets. Pure Harvest intends to grow its marijuana, hemp derived cannabinoids, and research and development operations and expand globally as the laws regarding cannabis are reviewed and rewritten to repeal their prohibition.

Pure Harvest Corporate Group recently announced Q1 2021 revenues increased by 92.65% from Q4 2020 revenue. In fact, Pure Harvest Corporate Group did more revenues in the first quarter of 2021 than it did in all of 2020. Q1 2021 Revenue was $794,148 versus 2020 Year End Revenue of $735,690. The significant increases are largely attributable to continued growth in sales at the Company’s Colorado marijuana operations located in Dumont, CO. The Company’s Test Kitchen subsidiary began generating revenue with the launch of their white label program and beta product release.

Pure Harvest Corporate Group uses an “acquire and integrate” approach whereby it uses primarily equity to acquire high-potential operating cannabis businesses. Since 2018, the Company has made five such acquisitions, some of which are now hitting new records in sales each quarter. In the future, the Company plans to acquire licensed medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, cultivation facilities and production facilities in states which allow publicly traded companies to own and operate dispensaries, cultivation facilities and production facilities. In addition to products tailored to marijuana retail dispensaries, the Company’s line will incorporate infused product options including beverages, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and distillates.

A primary operational focus for the Company is…

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