Here’s What the Media Missed During the FDA’s CBD Hearings

On Friday, May 31, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) held its first-ever hearings on cannabidiol, or CBD.

The event didn’t exactly slip under the radar…

Headlines ranged from Jezebel‘s laughably sensationalistic “Is CBD Over?” to The New York Times‘ more serious “Cannabis Companies Push FDA to Ease Rules on CBD Products.”

This hearing, an all-day affair that lasted from 8 a.m. on Friday till 6 p.m., deserved every second of the coverage it received.

But there’s one thing we didn’t see covered…

And it’s likely exactly the thing needed to push the FDA in the right direction when it comes to CBD regulation…

Regulators Are Facing the Powerful Voice of the People

Friday’s hearing featured over 100 speakers.

There were some marijuana “flat-earthers” looking to crack down on CBD and cannabis, and there were plenty of representatives of CBD companies understandably applying pressure on the FDA to loosen those regulations.

But more to the point, there were a great number of regular people, just like you and me, sharing their experiences with CBD products.

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In addition to Friday’s speakers, over 900 individuals have made submissions to the hearing’s page on, the online government service that allows the public to participate in the rulemaking process of federal agencies.

We took the time to sift through all of these submissions, and we found some truly amazing stories.

And about 10% of those comments came from veterans.

After 22 years serving in two branches of the military in two wars, one such veteran – James P. – was at a loss for how to manage his pain. Opioids were not an option for James, and he endured countless sleepless nights.

Then he found CBD, and his “life changed.”

“I use a half dropper twice a day… and I have to set an alarm if I need to be up by 6:00 a.m.,” James said. “My hands, knees, and back are somewhat happy as well.”

Jimmy W. is another veteran whose life has been touched by CBD, and he’s imploring the FDA not to do anything to prevent him from using it.

“I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and bad flashbacks. I recently started using CBD oil, and it has helped dramatically,” he said. “And now I hear that people want CBD oil took away [sic] from us veterans…. Please don’t try and pass any bill banning or taking away the only thing that helps me and millions of other veterans.”

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These stories aren’t surprising to us. They’re the same ones we’ve been hearing for a long time, including at the Cannabis Science Conference right here in Baltimore earlier this year.

People are sharing countless stories just like these with the FDA right now…

Veterans seeking alternatives to opioids… Parents looking for cures to their children’s seizures… Pet owners trying to alleviate anxiety for the furry members of their families.

(NOTE: Public submissions are still being accepted, and you can read all of these stories – and, if you want, add your own – by visiting

It’s these compelling stories – not the pleading of CBD companies – that will hold the most sway over the FDA as it determines the regulatory future of CBD products.

And once those regulations are finalized, I am confident everyone will know what we’ve known all along: 2019 is the “year of CBD.”

Legalization and Regulation Are a Foregone Conclusion

While the FDA won’t make its final decision until July, other federal bodies are making headway on hemp and CBD regulation.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture declared that – following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill – states do not have the authority to prohibit the transportation of hemp across their borders.

And over Memorial Day Weekend, the Transportation Security Administration updated its policies to allow for the carrying of hemp-derived CBD on flights.

Meanwhile, CBD products are continuing to pop up in retail locations across the nation. Here’s a picture I took at my local Wegman’s supermarket just this weekend.

As more people encounter these products and discover their incredible benefits, the FDA will have no choice but to allow the public to access CBD.

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