Here’s Why Cannabis Experts Are So Bullish on Blockchain Technology

Money Morning Director of Technology & Venture Capital Research Michael Robinson made four big cannabis predictions for 2018, including the role cryptocurrencies will play in the cannabis industry…

“I’m predicting that 2018 will see a major convergence of cryptocurrencies and legal cannabis. We’re just starting to see the first glimmers of this happening now,” Robinson told us on Oct. 3, 2017.


And when Robinson makes a prediction, I listen.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to make the most of Robinson’s prediction to find the best profit opportunities through this major convergence.

You see, Robinson’s a 34-year Silicon Valley veteran and one of the top technology financial analysts working today.

Robinson’s work as a consultant, senior advisor, and board member for Silicon Valley venture capital firms has placed him at the center of several major tech innovations.

He knows how to spot the technology revolutions early, helping his readers bag the biggest long-term gains.

For example, he recommended Nvidia Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA) on Feb. 26, 2016, when it was trading for $31.57 per share. Nvidia builds the powerful computer processors used in gaming and crypto mining.

Readers who followed his recommendation have banked gains over 670% based on today’s (March 9) opening price of $243.10 per share.

And that type of profit opportunity is what we see with the convergence of cannabis and blockchain technology…

In 2017, the blockchain technology market, the underlying tech behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, was only worth $339.5 million.

But by 2021, it will be worth $2.3 billion.

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That’s a 577.46% increase in just four years.

To help you uncover the profit opportunities in Robinson’s prediction, I asked CEOs and the leaders of companies how blockchain will be used in the marijuana industry.

Here’s what they had to say…

Isaac Dietrich, CEO of MassRoots Inc. (OTCMKTS: MSRT), the largest and most active social network for cannabis enthusiasts on the web.

“We believe blockchain has the potential to enable the cannabis industry to operate more efficiently and with a greater degree of transparency to government regulators. MassRoots expects to introduce its first blockchain-powered features in the next several weeks.”

Jeffrey Zucker, co-founder and president of Green Lion Partners, a Denver-based business strategy firm focused on early stage development amongst firms in the cannabis industry.

“There are various solutions being crafted for the cannabis industry with blockchain technology. While many of these focus, especially at the point of sale, on easing the lack of banking availability for the space, compliance is where this tech is best suited. With an industry moving from unregulated to regulated, it is incredibly important for licensees to follow all applicable laws in order to maintain their business and to ensure that the industry is established in a professional manner. Blockchain solutions offer the ability for these companies to safely maintain records and send to state authorities with assurance that there has been no tampering. We will continue to see this technology woven into the cannabis industry in the coming years.”

Nathaniel Gurien, CEO of FINCANN, a company bringing compliant banking and payment solutions to the legal cannabis industry.

“Adequately executed, the invasive and labor-intensive reporting and compliance protocols required for cannabis-friendly financial institutions to pass muster with their regulators and examiners currently cost the banks about one-percent (1%) of deposits. The unalterable ‘digital ledger’ architecture of blockchain technology makes it ideal to streamline and automate increasing segments of this process, and over the next 12-18 months, it’s expected to play a major role in facilitating reduced compliance costs for both financial institutions and licensees. As access to banking grows in 2018, with both competitive pressure as well as the growing application of blockchain technology to compliance and reporting software, we can expect especially cannabis-friendly banking compliance costs to approach and even reach below those of other ‘high-risk’ industries bringing further ‘normalcy’ to an industry steadily growing in legitimacy and acceptance.”

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, chief strategy officer for The Blinc Group, a distribution-centric vapor and cannabis incubator.

“Blockchain has the potential to be the ideal mechanism in which regulatory bodies can capture the history of cannabis through the entire supply chain, ultimately ensuring consumer safety and product quality control. By using the immutable ledger that blockchain offers, consumers and operators will have vital information about the product they are dealing with – from seeds, water quality, and fertilizer used, to patient ID’s and doctor certificates. This means less separation between producers, growers, labs, dispensaries, and consumers. Given our robust ecosystem in vape and cannabis product development, distribution, and merchandising, we’re keeping a very close eye on the opportunities that blockchain offers. Blockchain is inherently about distributing trust – a tenet that we take very seriously.”

Bill Gildea, CEO of Future Farm (OTCMKTS: FFRMF), a leading indoor plant growth technology company specializing in LED lighting and vertical farming solutions.

“Under current U.S. federal law, dispensaries are unbankable, which as the industry has grown, has created a big, expensive problem for dispensaries. We believe the unique nature of cryptocurrencies, based on fast, secure, and proven blockchain technology, has the potential to be a game changer and solve this multibillion-dollar problem.”

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