How I Started a Wildly Profitable Crypto Career

By now, you know I love to trade. That’s why I worked on the idea that eventually became my patented Money Calendar – to help me zero in on trades for less than 500 bucks with a 90%-or better chance of success.

And I’ve been really fortunate to be able to share my Money Calendar trade research with my readers, giving them a chance at closing out 32 triple-digit winners and 17 double-digit gainers in 2018 alone.

It’s been incredible.

But what’s got me really excited these days is the opportunity to combine two of my life’s greatest passions: the Money Calendar and cryptocurrency.

You’ve had the chance to take in some of my Power Profit Trades trading lessons, but today, I want to do something a little different that you maybe weren’t expecting.

Right now, I’m going to take you “behind the scenes” a bit, show you how I got started with crypto, and give you a peak at the incredible potential I see around the corner.

And best of all, I’ll show you what I think is the best way for any investor to attack this sector for big upside…

There Were Real Ups and Downs Getting Started

I’ve always been a tech guy, a screwdriver guy who likes to get up to his elbows in computers. I leverage that, too; I built a financial technology company that I sold to a major Wall Street brokerage for $20 million.

In fact, the Money Calendar itself has its origins in an inventory tracking and forecasting program I wrote myself, “way back when” in the 1980s, when I worked at a little hardware shop called Home Depot with a nice guy named Arthur Blank, who used to help stock shelves and buy his employees pizza.

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But it wasn’t until 2013 that my son asked me if I was familiar with this “thing,” Bitcoin. My boy gave me the quick lowdown – it was this totally decentralized currency the Fed couldn’t mess with, with a finite supply, completely anonymous and fully transparent, with incredible “blockbuster” potential – and that was all I needed.

Now, cryptocurrency as a whole is fascinating for all the reasons I just mentioned, but the thing that really got me interested in Bitcoin was the ability to “mine” the stuff for yourself.

But crypto mining isn’t done with picks and shovels, of course, but an entirely different kind of hardware: raw computer processing power.

I was on eBay in about two seconds flat, looking hard for the best “rig,” or array of linked processors, that could crunch the insanely complex mathematical equations needed to unlock “hashes,” or small, related, verifiable fractions, of one bitcoin.

It takes huge amounts of computing power to get a hash, let alone enough for a full bitcoin. Not only that, but the calculations become even tougher the more you mine.

It’s pretty safe to say no one will get rich mining the stuff, but back then it was more than worth the effort.

Of course, it was a different time “way back” in 2013, and I was just fascinated with the idea of mining crypto. But as I’ll show you in a minute, the real reward potential in cryptocurrency comes from buying and holding – and especially trading them.

Anyhow, when my rig, one of the then–top of the line ASIC machines, arrived, I got right down to business.

I Even Had a Tricky Power Problem

But my trip down the river to crypto paradise wasn’t exactly smooth sailing…

The rig was the size of a decent refrigerator, but it was anything but cold. See, that much computing power packs a lot of heat. Literally. It’s imperative that you keep it cool, and for that you need to move air – lots of air – across the CPUs constantly.

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That means fans – and plenty of ’em. Before too long, my “mining” room upstairs in our house in Florida sounded like someone was driving a John Deere up and down the center aisle of a Boeing 747 on takeoff.

It was loud. And the heat was still ferocious.

My crypto adventure played out during one of our famous South Florida winters. You know the ones I mean – not really cold at all, kinda warm, but not hot, either. Seventy-degree Fahrenheit days aren’t uncommon.

Well, despite the cool season, the room with my mining rig (running flat-out) was almost always hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

My wife was having none of it. She got fed up with the heat and noise in a hurry and “evicted” my ASIC machine, banishing the operation to the garage.

That wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, either. That’s because, just like another appliance, you have to plug the ASIC into a wall outlet. My rig and its cooling fans had a thirst for power that my garage with its “puny” 15-amp outlets just couldn’t handle.

I called an electrician pronto. He came in and wired up some beefy 20-amp outlets – the kind that run washers and dryers.

That solved the immediate problem, but imagine if you ran your washer and dryer more or less 24/7… You get on the power company’s radar pretty quickly.

In fact, some miners I’ve talked to said that at the time, they actually lost money when they compared their crypto positions to their utility bills. Of course, that doesn’t really happen much anymore; Bitcoin sits comfortably above $8,000, easily towering over any household electric bill.

I eventually had to get rid of my garage mining rig… but not before I mined several Bitcoins for myself.

It was hot… it was noisy… my wife hated it… it was was ridiculously expensive…

But I loved it because I was having fun, and by then I could clearly see the moneymaking potential in Bitcoin and crypto at large.

I still can. In fact, more than five years after I mined my first Bitcoin, I think we’re just scratching the surface of the profits here.

All of the headaches I endured getting started have been more than worth the trouble, especially in light of what I think is coming just around the corner.

That way you can participate, too… without the hassles I had to go through, of course.

A (Very) Few Coins Will Unlock It All

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there. I’ll say it right away: Most of them are junk. They’re worthless now, and they’ll be worthless in five years.

But the winners here could deliver (or already have delivered) gains unlike anything you ever imagined.

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Bitcoin, of course, is the foundational coin. It has its own brand. It’s volatile, but it has real staying power and profit potential.

Ethereum is another one. It’s backed by a company that actually provides blockchain technology – the power “underneath” Bitcoin – to huge corporations. (That blockchain could turn modern finance on its ear someday soon is another story.)

Litecoin is another one I think has been widely adopted enough to be worthwhile.

It varies by the day, but together, these three coins have had a market cap as high as $185 billion – serious money.

The rest? It’s like the Wild West. A complete crapshoot. You’d probably do about as well throwing darts at a random list of cryptos.

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That said, there’s lots of room for coins other than the “big three” to shine. I’m talking about coins with intrinsic value.

Most of these coins fulfill a dedicated niche; they have a purpose all their own, besides just being another digital currency.

Take Potcoin, for instance.

Now, I’m not necessarily recommending a Potcoin position, but it does have a very, very specific function: to allow companies operating in states with legalized cannabis to do easily do business, settle accounts, and store value in the absence of banking. Right now, most banks won’t touch proceeds of the pot business. It’s still illegal at the federal level, of course, and they don’t want to get walloped by money-laundering charges.

I’m not expecting explosive gains, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Potcoin were still with us in a few years, holding its value.

Then there’s IOTA, the “offspring” of the Internet of Things. It aims to enable users to monetize the countless interactions and services in and among the world’s billions of interconnected devices – with no transaction fees. As a tech guy, believe me: That’s an intriguing, “better mouse trap”–level idea with some staying power.

Now, changing the world is all well and good – exciting stuff. But making money is what most folks get into cryptocurrencies for.

That’s why I took the predictive potential of the Money Calendar and applied it to crypto trading research.

How to Get Past the Scams to the Serious Profit Potential

But I wasn’t exaggerating when I said this was like the Wild West.

Because you can’t just blindly trade coins in a market like this. Even if by chance you pick the right kind of coins, it’s just as likely as not that you’re going to get burned by a computer error or some lawsuit that freezes up a coin you’re up 10,000% on.

You might fall victim to one of the coordinated pump-and-dump schemes run on computer forums from Kalamazoo to Kazakhstan.

In the crypto markets, your edge is nothing less than the “inside man” that understands what’s up and who can help get you around the landmines out there.

So, you’re invited to click right here. You’ll be glad you did. You’re going to watch me trade a coin in real time and talk about what I think are some of the best, most potentially profitable cryptocurrencies and crypto trades on the market right now.

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