I’m Ready to Reveal My Biggest High-Profit Secret Yet

I grew up in a small steel town outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. When it was time for me to start work, I busted my butt as a forklift operator at my local Home Depot for 60 hours a week.

It would have been all too easy to spend the rest of my life on someone else’s terms, on someone else’s time, and to pad someone else’s bank account.

But I wanted to get out. I wanted to take control, to have something more.

So… I taught myself how to trade. I ran away with it.

By the time the 1990s rolled around, I’d co-founded one of the world’s leading financial education companies; I helped more than 300,000 people master the art and science of trading.

A few years later, I cashed in and sold my company to some Wall Street fat cats. But I wasn’t done teaching people how to they could build wealth – wasn’t done by a long shot.

That’s why I’m so fired up about showing you what I’ve got for you today: a brand-new way of making money. One that’s near and dear to my heart, in fact.

I haven’t really talked about this before, but I think the time’s perfect to open up about it and show you what’s going on…

Let’s Pull Back the Curtain on My Life’s Other Big Passion

By now you know I love trading and cryptocurrencies. But there’s another pursuit I’ve dedicated my life to.


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I’ve been interested and involved in the cannabis sector since long before it became the moneymaking juggernaut it is today, though I’ve never really written about it until now.

I guess it makes sense if you think about it. Cannabis’ “story” isn’t all that different from mine, really: from humble beginnings, through sweat and hard work, to a bright, prosperous future.

It was one of my own students – and best friends – who introduced me to the extreme potential of the cannabis industry over a decade ago. I dove in head first.

Since then, I’ve been an angel investor and an entrepreneur. Even more exciting, right now, as we speak, I’m just counting down the days until I get licensing approval for a complete seed-to-product, farm-to-dispensary cannabis operation.

I can hardly wait.

As soon as that happens, my wife and I will be dedicating ourselves to helping others who need cannabis to live pain- and stress-free. We’re particularly looking at helping veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and folks suffering from dementia. As you know if you’ve kept up with Money Morning‘s research, those are two groups of people who stand to benefit enormously from cannabis’ medical potential.

No wonder pro-legalization sentiment is at all-time highs; some 89% of Americans support the use of medicinal marijuana. Cannabis is totally illegal in just three states in the Union, plus American Samoa. It’s been legalized in 33 states, four U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. Recreational marijuana is legal in 11 states, and another 15 have decriminalized it.

The moneymaking potential in marijuana has to be at all-time highs, too.

Two Things Will Drive Future Weed Profits for Investors

For as long as I’ve been into cannabis, I don’t want to make any bold predictions on the future of specific cannabis companies. I do see the federal government accepting medical marijuana within the next 18 months or so, certainly around or before the time of the 2020 election. That move is going to clear the way for banks to do business with what’s now a cash-only industry.

The cannabis industry has been going through the same three initial stages that most novel industries have to go through before mainstream acceptance occurs (and fortunes are solidified)…

  1. Explosive upside from “disruptors” as investors “buy the rumor.”
  2. Pullbacks from those highs as investors “sell the news” and regulations are established.
  3. Steady, consistent high growth as institutional money pours in behind regulation and mainstream acceptance.

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I think we’re at the end of stage two, just before the start of stage three. In short, we’re on the cusp of some truly mind-boggling wealth creation.

So that’s one piece of the moneymaking puzzle.

The other is something I call Cannabis Lots.

They haven’t been around long, and you can’t get them on all cannabis stocks just yet, but the ones you can get have been delivering gains no investor can afford to miss out on.

Since cannabis lots came “online” a few months ago, my data has shown gains of 7,500% in four days… 3,113% in four days… 1,269% in 19 days, even 3,400% in 24 hours. In other words, Cannabis Lots could give you the biggest, fastest-moving marijuana opportunities you can get your hands on.

Take a look at this video. It’s got ALL my research on Cannabis Lots – all the info you need to learn how you can get into these opportunities.

Finally Everyone Can Try This New Moneymaker

Less than a year ago, Wall Street opened up a whole new marijuana “market” – but that’s not something you’ll be hearing about on CNN anytime soon.

That’s why I’m set to let the cat out of the bag on this investing phenomenon. My hard data has shown more than 10 times larger payouts than ordinary stock trading.

To learn how to get this sort of profit power for yourself, check this presentation out now.

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