It’s Christmas Come Early with These Investments

It’s Christmas come early.

Not really, but with Thanksgiving behind us, I wanted to start the Holiday season off with a bang.

As everyone is making precise predictions about what stocks are going to do in 2024, I am using math to answer one simple question.

Is this a good time to buy stocks?

The equations and formulas I used are not overly complex, but they are time tested, and each individually has been very accurate when suggesting the future returns for the stock market will be below average.

In combination, they are extraordinarily accurate.

None of them are precise timing tools. They are more like red light-green light indicators.

On second thought, it’s more like road signs.

One reads, “Bridge out ahead.”

The other reads, “Welcome to the Speedway.”

Right now, all signs indicate that buying the stock indexes as a long-term investment is a…

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