Make the Most Profit from Marijuana Stocks in 2018 with This Simple Trick

As we already know, marijuana stocks are among the most profitable investments to make in 2018 for long-term gains, and we’ve found a way to make them even more lucrative…

In 2017, legal cannabis sales in North America reached $10 billion. By 2021, sales are expected to skyrocket 145%, to $24.5 billion. By owning the best pot stocks now, you’re setting yourself up for the biggest long-term gains as the industry begins to take off.

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But as we also know, the prices of cannabis stocks can be volatile, and that’s kept some investors out of the mix…

For example, the Canopy Growth Corp. (OTCMKTS: TWMJF) stock price climbed to an all-time high of $35.88 on Jan. 10, 2018.

Unfortunately, investors who bought in then have watched the TWMJF stock price fall to $24.66 per share, a 31.27% loss.

You see, there are a lot of reasons why cannabis stock prices fall so quickly. They range from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session’s crusade against cannabis, to investors worrying Canada won’t be ready for full legalization, to bearish analysts who think marijuana stocks are overbought.

However, we have a strategy that limits your losses and maximizes your gains when pot stocks are volatile. That way, you get exposure to the potentially explosive growth of the cannabis industry with less of the risk associated with volatility.

It helps you avoid the trap of buying high and selling low, and you don’t have to sit around your computer all day trying to time the market.

Money Morning Director of Technology & Venture Capital Research Michael Robinson says his strategy is “perfect to use when market volatility is high.”

And when he gives advice, we pay attention…

Top Three California Pot Stocks to Watch for the Biggest Gains – Learn How to Cash In Here

Michael’s been a giant in tech investing for more than 30 years. As a leading analyst and tech journalist, he’s been on the forefront of just about every major emerging technology story of the last decade. He’s even been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

His privileged access to technology-pioneering CEOs, prize-winning scientists, and high-profile industry insiders has allowed him to consistently bring his readers huge gains on remarkable tech breakthroughs. Michael was out in front on 3D printing, the mobile wave, and shale energy technologies well before anyone else.

And when his strategy is used correctly, it will protect you from volatile markets.

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But that’s not all…

It could also maximize your returns.

Here’s how it works, so you know how to capitalize on the legal marijuana industry as sales climb from $10 billion to $24.5 billion

Before Buying Marijuana Stocks, You Have to See This Strategy

Robinson calls his strategy the “Cowboy Split.”

Here’s how it works…

First, decide how much money you want to invest in a pot stock.

Since we’ve already discussed Canopy Growth, we’ll use that as an example.

You’ll use half of the money to buy TWMJF at the market price, which would be $24.66 today.

Once the market order fills, you’ll enter a lowball limit order with the other half of the money at 20% less than the market price, which would be $19.73 per share.

If TWMJF falls to $19.73, the order will automatically fill.

Between your first order and your second order, you now have an average purchase price of $22.19.

If Canopy Growth climbed to $25 per share after falling to $19.73, you would be in the green, with a 26.71% return.

If you just bought in at $24.66, you would only be up 1.37%.

Remember, if the stock price drops to the price of your limit order, it automatically fills.

But if it doesn’t, you aren’t charged anything.

Robinson calls this “free” portfolio insurance.

And to know which cannabis stocks to use this strategy on, we wanted to share more information about a bonus marijuana stock profit opportunity…

These Three Pot Stocks Could Turn a Small Stake into Millions

 California is bracing for a tsunami-sized wave of wealth – and if you play your cards right, you could make more money from the marijuana markets than you’ve ever seen in your life.

You see, thanks to The Golden State’s complete cannabis legalization, $20.2 BILLION is expected to flood this industry, delivering massive upward momentum to tiny cannabis startups currently trading for pennies apiece.

But as soon as the money starts flowing into these small companies, and their share prices go from $1, to $5, to $20 or more… you may never see a chance like this again.

Your first step on the road to marijuana millions starts right here.

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