Marijuana-Based Medicines Are “Giving Parents Their Children Back”

NEW YORK CITY – With flicks like “Sister Act,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and “The Associate” (a personal favorite and a film I believe is greatly underrated), comedic actress Whoopi Goldberg has made a career out of making folks laugh.

But in one of those odd ironies of life, Goldberg was serious – even downright somber – during her appearance at a conference here on the last day of last month as she talked about the sorrow felt by the parents of epilepsy-afflicted children.

“I know dozens of families with children with epilepsy. You see your child disappear,” she said, referring to what happens after kids are prescribed traditional seizure medications. “But then you find something better… and the seizures go away.”

It was here when Goldberg experienced a mood shift – from somber to mad – as she addressed one of the most frustrating and sorrowful catch-22s in medicine today.

I’m talking about the catch-22 that occurs when the solutions to medical maladies are kicked to the curb when our “elected elite” decide to politicize them.

Now, we’ve addressed this frustrating conundrum here before in the area of chronic pain.

You see, even though chronic pain is a growing, ever more costly problem here in the United States, elected officials in Washington and at the state level have so politicized pain medications that patients with real afflictions are finding it difficult to…

find treatment programs.

It turns out childhood epilepsy sufferers are in a similar boat; Goldberg sketched out a similar scenario with childhood epilepsy.

She noted that cannabidiol (also known as CBD) – which comes from the marijuana plant but does not have psychoactive effects like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that gets users high – has been used with some success by parents to halt epileptic seizures in their children.

But that success comes with a backlash.

You have successes, Goldberg said, “and then, child services wants to take [the] child away. That is wrong.”

The actress didn’t let up at all…

A Pitch with a Purpose

The actress made her comments during an appearance at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo at New York’s famed Javits Center. Goldberg, a legalized-marijuana advocate and entrepreneur, was a “surprise guest speaker” at the expo and a panelist on a medical-marijuana roundtable.

Her comments were right on target: There are medical benefits for kids with epilepsy.

And there has been a frustrating political drag. Even worse, there has far too often been a family-fracturing legal fallout.

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Take Matthew and Suzeanna Brill, a Georgia couple who lost custody of their son David back in April, after the 15-year-old tested positive for marijuana.

The couple – who are fighting to get David back – say they gave their son pot to treat his seizures after conventional treatments didn’t seem to work. According to a report by CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca, David went from having 10 seizures a day to being seizure free for 71 days – after he started smoking the marijuana given to him by his parents.

He’d never before avoided seizures for that long a stretch.

“For our son, it was a miracle for him,” Matthew Brill told CBS.

But Georgia state officials didn’t see it that way.

Although medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and Washington, D.C., and recreational marijuana is legal in nine (and the nation’s capital), Georgia isn’t part of the mix.

Indeed, CBS notes that Georgia has “some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. Physicians are not allowed to prescribe marijuana for medical use and it’s illegal to sell or possess it. But the law does allow those with a state-issued medical card to possess low-THC oil.”

To get that medical card, however, there’s a six-year waiting list.

After someone tipped off the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, the Brills were arrested and charged with reckless conduct. They spent six days in jail and lost custody of their son.

David was removed on April 20, had a seizure that night, and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The Brill family’s tale is a news story that’s gained a national following – and that’s worth following yourself.

And that’s for a good reason, as you’ll see…

The First Bona Fide Cannabis “Blockbuster” Drug Targets Epilepsy

Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson is also Money Map Press’ resident pot-stock guru.

Michael researched and handpicked dozens of pot stocks for his Nova-X Report‘s “Roadmap to Marijuana Millions” model portfolio, including five small-cap Canadian companies poised to skyrocket when that country legalizes pot as expected later this year.

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One of his earliest picks – and, as it happens, one of the very best performers – is a stock we’ve shown you before: UK-based “cannabis biotech” GW Pharmaceuticals Plc. (Nasdaq: GWPH).

The shares are up an eye-watering 1,540%, thanks in part to the potential of its cannabis-derived wonder drug, Epidiolex, a new treatment for epilepsy – including the childhood variant that’s the scourge of thousands of children and families.

Epidiolex is just the second cannabis-derived medication cooked up by GW Pharma, but it has the potential to be the absolute biggest.

If, as expected, Epidolex receives final U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval on June 27, forecasts hint that the drug could reach a whopping $1.7 billion in yearly sales by 2026.

Michael sees the way forward is wide open for Epidiolex’s final greenlight here in the States.

It’s not the only ace GW Pharma has to play, either. Their Sativex drug appears to provide relief from the debilitating spasms induced by multiple schlerosis, with a whole host of potential “off-label” uses.

The quadruple-digit, “10 bagger-plus” gains we’ve enjoyed with GW Pharma are just one of the reasons Michael jokingly refers to cannabis stocks as “pot-of-gold pot stocks.”

He finds it impossible to overstate the massive upside he sees as “the biotech sector of tomorrow” – one that draws its power from substances that have already been developed.

“Here’s the thing, Bill,” Michael told me last week. “So many pharmaceutical compounds are really what I like to call ‘hit-or-miss propositions.’ They’re created in a Big Pharma lab, or deep inside a tiny biotech, or even on a university researcher’s workbench. Their genesis is based on a good idea – but you’re starting from ‘ground zero’ from a testing-and-proving standpoint. You’re looking at years of patient testing, lab work, and FDA reviews – and still face a high probability of failure. Cannabinoids, by contrast, are variations of an already-existing substance, meaning the start-to-proof cycle is compressed. And because this is totally new ground, the opportunities are both boundless and bountiful. There is big, big money to be made in this frontier of biotech – which is why you’re even seeing big names like Whoopi wading in.”

Here’s the takeaway – the essence of that message from Michael. Because the time-to-market cycle for marijuana-based drugs is tighter than with traditional compounds, the investment-to-payoff cycle is shorter for investors.

Shorter… and bigger – because this is a whole new realm… and a whole new league of profit making.

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