Test Your Patience With This Step By Step Trade Breakdown

Sometimes, lines in the sand are drawn and you have a clear level where you can bet the house price is going to react in one of two ways. One way would be for price to bounce or reject off that level depending where price is approaching from. Other times, you can get a level that breaks and then its off to the races.

Today’s level on Broadcom (AVGO) is both. As you can see by looking back on the chart for AVGO, you’ll see a zone from about 922-925 where price has been struggling to make past. This is our area of interest on this trade breakdown.

There’s two ways the can play out for us, but both of them require a great deal of patience from us. We must first wait for price to get at or near this zone. Then, we need to gauge price action and which move it favors. Is it favoring a strong push through this level, or is price failing to go higher attempt after attempt?

Currently, a reject seems a bit more likely than a strong push and close above 925. However, if the rest of the market decides to pick up, that could be all that’s needed to push price through this resistance level.

The flip side is also true. If the market begins to…

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