These 4 Marijuana Stocks Won The Best Deals In Canada

Putting together a marijuana stock investment strategy became decidedly more difficult following the legalization of cannabis in Canada earlier this year. With expectations running high, and volatility continuing to plague the market, investors to focus on finding one or two pot stocks for the long-term.

Meanwhile, Canadians continue to prepare for legal cannabis sales to begin in October. Over in British Columbia, the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) entered into agreements last week with over thirty different Licensed Producers to supply the province once recreational cannabis sales officially kick off. The agreement guarantees an initial 150 strains of marijuana for sale on the LDB’s online sales portal.

As the only legal wholesaler of medical marijuana, the LDB hopes to create a more varied and competitive recreational cannabis market with these distribution agreements. The “green boom” is coming, and they are already looking at opening BC Cannabis Stores across the province. The 31 Licensed Producers working with the LDB will have exclusive access to this market.

Take a look at the LDB’s list intriguing…

though it does open up a lot of questions. Still, the list also includes some of the better marijuana stocks worth investing in today.

These are the top four marijuana stocks to score cannabis distribution deals in Canada…

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