This Is Your Last Chance to Buy Marijuana Stocks Before They Really Skyrocket

You cannot stand in the way of progress. And that’s exactly what Money Morning Defense and Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson has been telling subscribers about marijuana stocks for years…

He started pounding the table for marijuana stocks as early as 2013. Those who listened have made an incredible profit (more than 1,400% on one pick, in fact.).

Marijuana Stocks

But – we cannot stress this enough – the roof is about to blow off the legal weed market. This truly is the last chance for investors to get in before the market takes off…

Right now, prices are soft in this sector, but not because there are any structural or economic problems. The problems stemmed from heavy-handed regulators, including U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, putting their stamps on the sector.

But let’s look at the brief history of marijuana stocks. Every few months, cannabis gets a jolt of fundamentally good news.

There was a huge rally in prices leading up to Election Day 2016, when voters in eight states legalized marijuana.

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Last year, it was California announcing it would go fully legal on Jan. 1, 2018. It’s a huge market, with 37 million people – and a $2.5 trillion economy.

Wall Street also sees what’s happening. For example, Cowen & Co. recently forecasted that U.S. legal cannabis sales will hit $50 billion by 2026 and $75 billion by 2030.

Robinson sees more catalysts coming, and once again, the market is likely to respond in a big way.

But we can’t understate the urgency for investors. If you’ve been thinking about investing in legal weed, you can no longer afford to wait…

The Next Great Catalysts for Marijuana Stocks

Before the ink was even dry on California’s new policies, Jeff Sessions tried to scuttle the whole thing. He rescinded the Cole Memo, which ordered federal agents to leave licensed marijuana companies alone in legalized states – even though distribution, cultivation, and even personal use are still listed as serious federal crimes.

The question is, why? We’re not talking about his personal values, but rather the economics and psychology of the whole movement to legalize weed.

Did Sessions know that full legalization in California meant we were at the tipping point of the mainstreaming of legal marijuana? Michael Robinson thinks so.

California does indeed still set the trends in this country. First, it was fashion and food, then environmental regulations, and now its cannabis. (Thanks for those bean sprouts, by the way.)

It’s the will of the people v the will of the AG. And the longer legal weed “gets away with it” by fending off criticisms and even prosecution, the more everyone will realize that weed is an unstoppable force.

And this is not just wishful thinking…

More states, including Arizona, Delaware, and New Jersey, are close to making some form of cannabis use legal this year. It could be by legislative action or it could be by voter referendum.

Which one does not matter. Legal marijuana is coming.

And with each state’s action, the more cannabis stocks will have reasons to rally.

The difference now is that the roster of states getting with the program is much larger than it was just last year. And Jeff Sessions has so far not been able to clamp down on anything.

This genie is out of the bottle.

It might be your last chance to get in while pot stocks are somewhat overlooked and clearly undervalued, given the potential size of the market they serve.

These Three Pot Stocks Could Turn a Small Stake into Millions

California is bracing for a tsunami-sized wave of wealth – and if you play your cards right, you could make more money from the marijuana markets than you’ve ever seen in your life.

You see, thanks to The Golden State’s complete cannabis legalization, $20.2 BILLION is expected to flood this industry, delivering massive upward momentum to tiny cannabis startups currently trading for pennies apiece.

But as soon as the money starts flowing into these small companies, and their share prices go from $1, to $5, to $20, or more… you may never see a chance like this again.

Your first step on the road to marijuana millions starts right here.

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