This Micro-Cap Marijuana Stock Could Absolutely Skyrocket

Are you still skeptical about the booming marijuana industry?

I understand.

The whole thing may be hard to believe, but there is serious money to be made on marijuana stocks.

Today we’ll show you a micro-cap marijuana stock with absolutely explosive profit potential.

We’ve been all-in on the growth of marijuana stocks for years. One of our favorite long-term plays has been Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC).

This one stock alone has tripled in value since the fall of 2017. And that’s only the beginning.

Now Canopy is a household name among marijuana investors, as it’s one of the most prominent companies in the industry. The micro-cap marijuana stock we’ll show you today is completely under the radar.

Of course, micro caps carry considerably more risk than small-cap or midsize companies. That’s just a fact. But they also offer much higher upside.

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Don’t let risk scare you. It’s really more about basic economics and the evolution of any industry.

Take the beer industry and the explosive growth of craft beer in particular.

When the craft craze began in earnest in 2013, there were 2,898 breweries in the United States.

Small-cap stock Craft Beer Alliance Inc. (NASDAQ: BREW) traded for approximately $6 per share at that time.

Flash forward to today. There are now more than 7,000 breweries in operation in the U.S.

Craft Beer Alliance trades for more than $14 per share.

That’s more than double the price when the boom started.

The gains for micro-cap stocks can be even larger.

The similarities between marijuana and craft beer are clear.

While Canopy Growth is the industry leader in marijuana today, just like Anheuser-Busch is the dominant brewer, there will be plenty of winners taking advantage of the explosion in marijuana sales.

In cannabis, the industry is moving from the startup Wild West phase to a new phase of consolidation.

When looking for a marijuana stock to own today, especially one in the micro-cap space, we need to identify those being aggressive with large acquisitions.

Those not growing via mergers will simply fade away, and capital will be lost.

The winners though could see their stocks appreciate three or four times from current levels.

That’s why I am so bullish on this micro-cap marijuana stock that could skyrocket…

This Micro-Cap Marijuana Stock Has Incredible Potential

Cannabis One Holdings Inc. (CSE: CBIS) is a micro-cap marijuana stock listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

The company develops, markets, and provides packaging for cannabis-related products in Washington, Colorado, and Nevada.

That’s three states out of a possible 50.

Do you think we are in the early stages of something big or not?

Simple math will tell you that Cannabis One could be valued at 10 times current levels once a national referendum on marijuana usage is passed in the United States.

Once that happens the sky is truly the limit, but even without that happening, investors can expect good things from Cannabis One based on recent activity of the company.

In the month of April alone, Cannabis One was involved in three different transactions acquiring assets of other cannabis players.

The deals give Cannabis One a larger base of products from which to grow.

Size matters, especially as the marijuana craze spreads across the United States.

Think about it in terms of other products Americans have become addicted to, like coffee.

The simple coffee shop went from selling basic coffee to fancy designer drinks and food too.

The same is happening in the cannabis market.

Will it be enough for Cannabis One to be a real player?

I think so, and others do as well.

Shares of Cannabis One have almost doubled in value in 2019. But that’s just the start.

Positioning for future growth via acquisitions sets the table for the next double or even more.

While the risks are high with Cannabis One, so too is the reward.

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