This Trade Setup Continues To Develop ⎯ Are You Paying Attention?

As a continuation from Friday’s video, we wanted to expand on our trade idea from that day. In our last video, we had pointed out the two clear trend lines on the stock that are pretty evenly split when it comes to which could be tested.

This has given traders two setups to play. However, which one is the highest probability? That much is still somewhat up in the air. Remember, in trading, there are no guarantees. Instead, we must ask ourselves, which has the high probability of playing out. This is a great example of that.

Be sure to watch the video below to see how the setups may have changed, so you can prepare to play the setup up that is most likely to be triggered. As a new week of trading begins, one of these setups inches closer and closer to firing off the stock in either direction. However, the only way to keep an eye on which is to add this trade to your list of trades that you could take.

Don’t get too eager on any one of these setups with just watching this video and trying to predict which setup will fire. Look for confirmation of…

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