Which pot stock is a better buy, OrganiGram Holdings Inc (OGRMF) or CannTrust Holdings (CANN)?

Canadian marijuana stocks have been going gangbusters in the past few weeks, thanks to the upcoming legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in the country on Oct. 17. This key event, after all, has sparked a flurry of partnerships and partnership talks between major beverage-makers and Canada’s top growers and distributors this year.

Which Canadian pot stocks are still worth buying? Although most companies now sport valuations that are clearly detached from their fundamentals and near-term growth prospects, OrganiGram Holdings (NASDAQOTH:OGRMF) and CannTrust Holdings (NASDAQOTH:CANN) are two names that have yet to go down this path. Armed with this insight, let’s take a look at which stock is the better buy right now…

The case for OrganiGram Holdings

With a market cap of only $697 million, OrganiGram is currently one of the smallest Canadian marijuana producers by valuation. However, this tiny pot company packs a big punch. OrganiGram, for instance, expects its annual harvest to grow from 36,000 kg to over 113,000 kg over the next 13 months. If this line holds, OrganiGram should transform into a top five marijuana producer by volume in a year’s time.

The company’s true competitive edge, though, comes from its award-winning dried flower product line. As proof, OrganiGram won two voter-driven awards for its products at the Canadian Cannabis Awards in 2017. The company, therefore, might be able to enjoy premium pricing for its outstanding dried flower products — even as the…

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