I Love It When Marijuana Sector CEOs Do This

We’re at the first annual National Institute for Cannabis Investors retreat in Las Vegas. It’s been great – a lot of fun, of course (and you can learn how to get in on it here). But it’s also been extremely productive – informative, too.

The retreat floor is packed with NICI Members, cannabis industry exhibitors, CEOs, and insiders. There’s a lot of competition for attention, and everyone’s doing the kind of networking you’d find in, say, Silicon Valley.

It’s not a stretch to say Las Vegas is the perfect place to spot the next big marijuana investing opportunity. It’s been a great opportunity to get on a first-name basis with cannabis company founders.

I’ve managed to carve out some time to meet with a few of these very folks – and get a feel for their plans to leverage the explosive growth the American and global marijuana industry is experiencing right now.

To impress me, they’ll have to convince me of just one thing…

How to Tell the Great CEOs from the Mediocre

To be an investor – especially in the 2019 cannabis sector – is to be in the driver’s seat. If you like an investment opportunity, you don’t have to sit around and wait for someone else to approve it. You can go out, find it, and invest your hard-earned money – and potentially be one of a new class of marijuana IPO millionaires.

Essentially, you are the boss. And as such, it’s helpful to think of CEOs and founders as job applicants. The successful “applicant” will be creative, resourceful, clear-eyed, and – critically – will know how to scale their business.

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It all starts out with the right idea.

Consider cannabis lounges, for instance. The tourists here in Las Vegas can’t smoke cannabis in their hotel rooms. A cannabis lounge seems like a great solution. Maybe a license to print money, to boot.

Let’s say you meet a startup that wants to launch cannabis lounges all over Nevada – the richest, most dynamic cannabis market in the country. That’s a good idea on the surface, but it might not be the best solution.

Is there that much money in cannabis lounges? You’d have to design and build one at a considerable expense. You’d have to license it, again, at a considerable expense. Then you’d have to advertise for it and fully staff and supply it at… well, you get the idea.

Would such a lounge be profitable? Sure, eventually. Make that “probably” – assuming it competed successfully with the five or so other people who had the same idea.

In order to solve the “Where and how to take cannabis in adult-use markets?” problem, the ideal CEO or founder would take a different, more scalable approach than just opening up lounges.

An approach like the one startup CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. is taking could be far more profitable.

This firm is at work producing an odorless variety of marijuana.

If the marijuana has no odor, hotels, vacation, or other rental properties would probably have no problem with consumption on site… if they even noticed. No expensive lounge required.

And although cannabis needs to be federally legal before Vegas hotels would consider allowing smoking in rooms, it’s easy to assume they would be much more open to it – or willing to look the other way and tolerate it – if the cannabis were odorless.

The problem? Solved. The market? Cornered. The early investors? Richly rewarded.

That is how CEOs and founders create scalable ideas for their companies and deliver big paydays for their shareholders. That’s your real license to print money, and that’s exactly what I want to see in the insiders I’m talking with right now.

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