Why is GrowGeneration Skyrocketing This Week?

GrowGeneration (GRWG) is the largest hydroponic equipment supplier in the United States, with 28 organic garden centers, across 10 states. The company sells thousands of products, from organic nutrients, soils, advanced lighting technology, to…

state-of-the-art hydroponic equipment used by commercial and home growers.

The company also sells propagation supplies, pest controls, environmental controllers, and ventilation solutions.  GRGW also offers greenhouse design solutions and harvesting solutions at any scale with a team of experts on call 24/7 to assist all growers.

The company, which is located in Denver, started with Pueblo Organics and Hydroponics, which was the first location that GRGW acquired. This laid the foundation and allowed their team to develop the company into what it is today.

GRWG has been one of the hottest cannabis stocks lately, and despite hitting 52-week highs over the last few weeks, the stock has…

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